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Family Guy
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Not remotely funny. The appeal of this show is lost on me. - StarFox★ , posted 12/22/06
I don't get it...why is this even considered comedy ?
I know that there are allot of Family Guy fans out there that truly appreciates this so called cartoon comedy sit com more than anything else that is labeled as "funny." I've seen all kinds of cartoons in my child hood days, that were either funny for being "original" or not funny regardless if they were original or not. Family Guy is a show for the adult audience, and still doesn't seem all that interesting to me. Any time a person has to make fun of religion just to be funny obviously has no idea how to be amusing without targetting something serious that only a fool will laugh at. But thats not the only reason why this show is not funny or amusing in any sort of way. The producer of Seth Farlane or whatever the hell his name is, was deffinatly aiming for a "South Park" imatation when he made this show. Everything the characters do in Family Guy is a cheap copy cat of another worst animated cartoon with cheesy humor that only an idiot would laugh at. Im not sure how which character in animation history anoyys me most, the big fat bastard named Peter Griffen laughing for about 70 long seconds or Sponge Bob's anoyying giggling. Either way, I find the best humor in comedy that makes allot of sense.

Lets attack the heart of the show starting with the pathetic unlikable characters:

The show centers around Peter Griffen, who is a tremendous idiot. He’s fat, he’s stupid, he’s the embodiment of the average American! His wife, Lois has a rather anoyying voice for a woman and sounds more whiny than those lousy Japanese Anime characters. Peter also has two boys and one girl: Chris, who is a slow moron, Stewie a baby that looks allot like an adult on extreme drugs, and Meg, who is for some reason the most hated character in the family.

Also, there is a dog, Brian, who can talk and is an alcoholic. Not to mention, he thinks he is the brains behind everything.

You might think that this has promise—which it does, until the incredibly idiotic writers decide to keep every episode an exact carbon copy of the last, with each character doing precisely the same thing. Repeat,repeat, and repeating the same lines over and over until you become anoyyed by the whole thing.


If you don’t know what a Non-Sequitur is, you’re probably in the majority. A Non-sequitur is something that makes absolutely no sense in it’s setting. It literally means “it does not follow.”

Unfortunately, there are a calculated average of about 45 non-sequiturs in every episode of Family Guy. All of them follow the below formula:

Something Happens.
A character says, “Wow, that’s almost as _______(adjective) as when _________(character) did/was a part of _________(Action).

Here is an example:

Stewie: “That was worse then when I let Brian pack my parachute!”

Then the shot goes to a different place, where the characters do something completely out of character, and shows something thats extremelly not funny you just want to burn your eyes out with battery acid.

Stewie, the most popular character, is a double ripoff. His world-domination ambitions and dictatorial rhetoric are ripped off from the Brain of Pinky and the Brain. And his design and personality are ripped off from Jimmy Corrigan, a comic-strip character created by Chris Ware. A Jimmy Corrigan strip from 1996 can be found here.

Its true that if any Famly Guy fan who decides to read this will get mad. But Im sure the people on can deal with the truth than people on other networking sites loaded with mostly teenagers that love watching this idiotic show anyway. Its a sad attempt at trying to be crude.

Family is just pure bad, the animations are the worst I've seen since the new Nickalodean cartoons (which by the way I dont watch) I prefer classic shows I grew up with.And Family Guy isn't one of them. - Vincent , posted 12/22/06

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